Technology Development

From laboratory to market

The sustainable energy business is full of technology innovations. Many of those have trouble making the successful step from prototype or pilot project to full scale business success. Real NewEnergy technology development helps technology owners to cross the chasm and make business out of their technology investment. We deliver turn-key business solutions and we specialize in trans-Atlantic technology transfers.

Key Benefits for our customers

Value enhancing synergies

  • Bringing 20 years of international technology transfer experience
  • Battle-proven systems and processes in the US and abroad
  • Specific intake filter secures only high-potential technologies are picked up
  • Solid and updated knowledge of regulations and incentives
  • Solid knowledge of peer technologies
  • Possibility to roll out technology in own projects
  • Early warning on changing market conditions through the consulting arm of the company


The T-Series Hydro solution by Tocardo consists of 100kW, 200kW and 500kW units and is part of the Real NewEnergy technology portfolio. GoodSpheres Greenhouses is an innovative greenhouse solution that is being developed by Real NewEnergy, Wageningen University Research and Priva.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with an interesting opportunity for technology development or acquisition