Sustainable Urban development

Our activity in Urban Sustainability adds creative, surprising and unparalleled value where social-cultural conditions, economic opportunities and energy challenges meet each other in the built environment, both at the neighborhood scale and at the building scale.  

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Increasingly, urban communities are developing sustainable neighborhoods or Eco-Districts to implement sustainability plans and projects for healthy, resilient environments. Through our public-private partnership OrangeGoesGreen, Real NewEnergy brings expertise in sustainable energy and urban greening from the building to the district scale with technology partners like Deerns, Priva, Ecofys, Deltares, Wageningen University and IF Technology. Together with these partners we bring extensive and proven track records of innovative energy systems and solutions in the US and Europe. With experience in effectively clustering technical solutions and providing project management, we are primed for further impact in the expanding sustainable neighborhood movement.


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At the building scale, we have recognized that the embodied energy and cultural value of historic buildings make for unique community resources. We collaborate with local organizations and stakeholders including city governments, educational institutions, private sector businesses and non-profit companies to address the opportunity in historic/industrial spaces that have been vacant or underutilized. When rehabilitating historic structures, much can be gained from lean systems that are built to last and stay relevant as clean energy systems are implemented city-wide. Cost-saving energy systems in building retrofits can lower barriers to occupancy and activation.



With our technology and urban redevelopment connections, Real NewEnergy seeks opportunities in the current building stock to flip the negative spiral of underutilized buildings into a chance to revitalize communities. We offer comprehensive and inclusive revitalization plans for formerly blighted spaces and neighborhoods. As a US representative of Walas Concepts, we bring focused experience in incubating small local businesses. We program and work collaboratively with end-users to form hubs of economic opportunity. This enables communities to reclaim their cultural landmarks through the creative activation of vacant spaces and latent vitality. This regeneration further promotes the growth of real new value in the business success that is triggered by sustainable synergy and functional density of ideas and activities. We understand that favorable social and economic effects of development result from diverse, dynamic and interactive systems; this is what we strive for.


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Our Urban Sustainability team develops tailored and themed concepts that speak to local community demand. Through gradual and flexible implementation of clusters of businesses and activities, we aim for the right fit to catalyze economic activity, innovation and social vitality while creating a community asset.

We find that gradual value creation appeals not only at the economic and social levels of building regeneration and district-level development, but also in the “gradual greening” efforts made to achieve sustainable operations of these projects. Strategic decision-making is key in leveraging affordable and minimally disruptive energy and infrastructure upgrades for short and long term impact. 

Gradual greening

Currently, projects are underway in the San Francisco-Bay Area, New Orleans and Washington D.C. Check back for more news on that soon!



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