Energy Consulting

Enabling the global energy transition

The dependence of global value creation on the availability of reliable and affordable energy cannot be overstated. Based on fossil and nuclear energy, about half the world’s population has access to the necessary energy that enables safe, healthy and economically robust communities. Unfortunately the environmental impact of this achievement forms an increasingly large burden for the planet. 

Furthermore, the other 50% of the global population increasingly requires similar energy quantities as the people in the economies that developed earlier. Last but not least, there is a growing understanding that easy to find natural resources turn into harder to find and refine natural resources.

Combined, these trends have created a sound economic and political basis for the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions. We call this the global energy transition to a sustainable energy supply. The opportunities are phenomenal as current global energy efficiency is on average less than 2% (we waste 98% of all energy we source) and all kinds of new technologies become available.

The global energy transition accelerates and this means that opportunities and challenges start reaching larger parts of the population. New technologies emerge that enable cost effective production of renewable electricity or help save energy in buildings. Financing and integration of such solutions also becomes more main stream.  On the other hand, new regulation emerges, mandating emissions reductions or improved building energy performance for example.

In changing environments it can be valuable to look for expert guidance. Real NewEnergy can help to identify opportunities and threats for your organization and turn them into sound strategies and action plans that reduce costs, increase revenues and improve energy resiliency. Our team of sustainable energy experts and our international partner network have decades of experience and 10,000’s of completed energy projects on their track record. Last but not least, Real NewEnergy is also an energy project developer itself. We do not only talk the talk as advisors, but we also walk the walk as risk bearing entrepreneurs. We think this experience can really benefit you as our client or just as an interest stakeholder.

Consider contacting us for a free opinion, if you:

  • Think your energy costs are higher than those of your competitors
  • Think you can improve on energy efficiency but don’t know how feasible it is for you to do so
  • Have a good idea for a renewable energy project in the US and look for an experienced team to help you develop it
  • Need a plan for a good greenhouse gas reduction policy or strategy that makes economic sense
  • Have an energy challenge in emerging market countries anywhere in the world. We can probably help you resolve it
  • Have an ongoing renewable energy development project that needs new “energy”
  • Consider to procure a renewable energy project or technology company and are in need of a due diligence effort for that project or technology


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any energy challenge your organization is facing.