Innovative Project Development

Maximizing Project Development Value

Real NewEnergy likes to bring good energy ideas to life, and project development is a key discipline to make that happen. We develop our own projects and we provide development services for clients alike.

Depending on the local market needs and opportunities, each energy project looks slightly different, but at their core, all energy projects follow the same path, starting with defining a fitting solution and checking its (pre)-feasibility and ending after a successful operational life of up to 50 years with decommissioning or renewing the project. 


Certain forms of renewable energy project development, like utility scale wind, solar and hydro energy, have grown into large-scale and mature industries. Often, such scale is necessary to overcome the significant regulatory, institutional and financial hurdles.

Real NewEnergy, however, specializes in forms of energy project development that have new or innovative characteristics and are often smaller in scale or more limited in scope. As we are used to resolving problems in our consulting activities, we are also good at combining project development best practices with new ideas.

We apply this way of thinking in our own projects like Poseidon Atlantic, but we also can help clients to find solutions for their development projects or project ideas. The result is often projects that seem stuck or not feasible do have good options to come to fruition.  The opposite also happens. If we do not see sufficient residual value for all stakeholders, we’ll (advise to) terminate the project, as fast failure can be a real money saver.

Contact us for a free review, if you:

  • Have a good idea for a community scale renewable energy project in the US and look for an experienced team to help you develop it.
  • Pay too much or your utility energy and have the acreage and resources (wind, water, sun) to develop at least 1000 kW of renewable energy.
  • Have an energy challenge in emerging market countries anywhere in the world. We can probably resolve it.
  • Have an ongoing renewable energy development project that needs new “energy”.
  • Consider to procure a renewable energy project and are in need of a due diligence effort. 

Please read through our current portfolio and do not hesitate to contact us with an interesting idea or opportunity for project development.