Whether it is in the western hemisphere or in the developing nations of our globe, the dependency on expensive and vulnerable supply chains of energy, water and food is an increasingly urgent problem and challenge for communities worldwide. It is our vision that localizing the generation of resources, directed and controlled by the communities and organizations that need them, will prove to be one of the most viable avenues for global resiliency and survival.

GoodSpheres is an innovative greenhouse solution that provides fresh, vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables for remote & island communities and locations that are enduring malnutrition, localized crises or high food prices. The key for a successful development and launch of GoodSpheres is to achieve high crop yields with net-zero energy and water consumption in a ruggedized setup with proven technology that is affordable. GoodSpheres is developed in partnership between Wageningen UR (WUR), Priva and Real NewEnergy (RNE) who plan to include local partners in all project locations where GoodSpheres will be deployed.

GoodSpheres Greenhouses is being set up as a franchise to encourage local economic activity and create jobs. The ideal entrepreneur is envisioned as a local farmer looking to make his land more profitable. Alternatively, local entrepreneurs can invest in the GoodSpheres Franchise and work with the team to identify a head grower who is vital for the success of individual GoodSpheres projects. The franchisee will benefit from the GoodSpheres knowledge base and expertise, dedicated supply chain and widely recognized brand that is synonymous with fresh, local produce.

GoodSpheres Greenhouses combines business development expertise with horticulture knowledge leaders and technology innovators to create a sustainable vision for a global need.

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