BladeRunner: Affordable & Easy Hydro Energy

There are over 1 billion people across the world without access to electricity. In this day in age where the internet (and smartphones) can connect users all across the globe, often the missing piece is affordable access to electricity to power these connections. Studies have shown that affordable access to reliable energy can result in significant improvements for health, household income, education and gender equality of end-users.

BladeRunner is an off-grid electricity generating solution that features the PAX Rotor and an above water, off-the-shelf generator with an ingenious hook-up mechanism. The inexpensive components and the PAX Rotor’s ability to harness kinetic energy in shallow water depths makes BladeRunner an excellent solution for generating electricity for previously unpowered riverside communities. BladeRunner will be simple to install, easy to use and affordable for a wide variety of end-users. Real NewEnergy, PAX ScientificSNV and Trama TecnoAmbiental (TTA) are working together to refine the concept, technology and market approach while exploring pilot project opportunities in Latin America.

The PAX Rotor is the key component for BladeRunner The unique shape allows for debris and fish to pass through safely

The goal of BladeRunner is to improve the user’s economic capabilities. As users save money on electricity, they can invest further in their businesses and easily increase the power and performance of the BladeRunner system to satisfy new business needs. Through our partnerships with SNV and TTA, our business models will encourage more electricity use for economic undertakings including improved production and processing capabilities for agricultural activities.

With traditional microfinancing, BladeRunner can easily allow the individual or community to pay for a system within 2-3 years. We envision that BladeRunner can be supplied with existing components for approximately $3000/kW with costs moving towards $2000/kW as BladeRunner grows. With the absence of fuel costs, BladeRunner becomes more affordable the more the system is used. The rotor itself will likely be made of polyethylene (PE) and therefore be highly affordable and easily replaceable. We think it is important to reserve an attractive margin for local agents to facilitate rapid adoption of BladeRunner in emerging markets. A good local agent should be able to be financially self-sustaining after only selling 5 systems.

We are currently pursuing multiple funding avenues to make BladeRunner into a successful product and company. Our financial model shows that we can build our first preproduction machines with $30,000 in funding.  With those real products to show for, we think we can ultimately raise $750,000 to launch the larger scale production necessary to reach the price points that base of the pyramid individuals and communities can afford.

If you would like to contribute to BladeRunner’s success, please consider sending us a few DogeCoins to help us get off the ground as we seek to enable the millions of people who could benefit from BladeRunner. You may use the address below to quickly donate to the BladeRunner cause: