Poseidon Atlantic Wind Turbine Test Facility 

Poseidon Atlantic will provide a coherent portfolio of sites for prototype testing, infrastructure, wind measurements and wind turbine testing and certification services. The Poseidon Atlantic project is a private sector initiative developed by Real NewEnergy, Fugro and Ecofys with the encouragement and support of the Commonwealth, the Virginia Port Authority (VPA) and the Netherlands’ government.

Turbine construction in the Netherlands
Lidar campaign on site

The proposed facility is intended for full-service testing and certification of existing-and-next generation land-based and offshore wind turbine generators. Moreover, Poseidon Atlantic will fill a needed niche required for the development of offshore wind technology as there is currently a worldwide shortage of locations suitable for full-service certification testing of offshore wind turbine technology.

Poseidon Atlantic LLC is owned by Real NewEnergy and developed in partnership with Fugro Atlantic and Ecofys, a subsidiary of the Dutch utility, Eneco. Ecofys is the leading sustainable energy consulting firm in the Netherlands and currently operates the largest wind turbine test-and-certification facility in Europe.

The development of the project has been funded by a $750K grant from the Department of Energy and additional funding from RNE.

The project will be executed in phases where the first phase will be on-land with an installed capacity of 18 MW. The second phase will be in the water with an estimated capacity between 50 – 100 MW.


Poseidon Atlantic


See www.poseidon-atlantic.com