EmPower Cities

EmPower Cities, LLC is a collaborative financial and development institution formed in December 2013. Established to spur RNE’s urban sustainability projects in low income communities in New Orleans and potentially elsewhere, EmPower Cities’ financial products and development services are designed to:

support sustainable community development through involved investments in small business and real estate blight remediation in combination with programming, marketing and other development services for a comprehensive, for-profit approach to community empowerment.

In the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, our goal is to provide grassroots, community-focused financial and development assistance that will help bolster commercial and community services as well as the economic base of the neighborhood with new jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities.

EmPower Cities will invest in real estate projects in the community. We will focus on existing buildings that are empty or blighted and in which we see the potential to inspire new ideas and become productive commercial and social hubs. Our marketing activities will be designed to draw in businesses and entrepreneurs who are attracted by a pioneering, grassroots type building or cluster of buildings to host their offices, studios, shops, market, etc. We will support these tenants with business loans, equity investments, business advice and course correction.

Through course correction and promotion of our developments, we will help support the tenant businesses beyond financial products to make sure that the community has a sustainable, vibrant and dynamic space to participate in.

Stay tuned as we grow our local presence!