Deerns is a highly reputable and capable design & engineering firm from the Netherlands, founded in 1928 and specialized in greening critical infrastructure. Deerns has developed highly innovative solutions to reduce the use of energy and water in the built environment.

For Deerns, RNE focused on developing the US Federal market with a special focus on green Data Centers, green airports and complex green infrastructure projects. RNE did so by developing partner relationships with key players in the space where Deerns wants to operate. RNE is has positioned Deerns in consortia and teams to bid on tangible Federal, State and local procurement opportunities and by promoting Deerns directly to end-users and clients. Deerns has a local office in Denver Colorado.

RNE was able to position and promote Deerns to SAIC, Department of State, HPTi High Performance Technologies Inc., Department of Veterans Affairs, NovaTech Solutions, US Army Corps of Engineers, Department of the Air Force, Wright Patterson AFB, Department of Energy, Federal Reserve Bank, NASA – AMES, The Boeing Company, RCM, General Services Administration, Department of Transportation, Department of Homeland Security and Northrop Grumman Corporation.

The results of these leads varied but demonstrates the market outreach that we developed for Deerns.