Would you like to co-own a game changing energy storage solution?

Real NewEnergy is bringing to market a patented next generation flywheel energy storage technology called QuinteQ.  QuinteQ is the only energy storage technology with a clear path towards enabling the transition to a fully sustainable global energy system.  It solves lifetime, reliability and energy density challenges that are not solved by competitors and provides up to 15 times lower storage costs than alternatives. The technology is market ready but still has ample development potential following a  “Moore’s Law”  type of learning curve.

QuinteQ Energy Storage

The existing market for QuinteQ is estimated at $50B and is currently served by expensive power plants and inferior chemical batteries. This market grows strongly over time into a multi-trillion dollar market as QuinteQ combined with renewable energy starts outcompeting fossil and nuclear based power generation.

Real NewEnergy seeks $10M in A-round funding to propel QuinteQ into the $50B/year ancillary services market with a 100kW/10kWh flywheel. In 5 years’ time, the QuinteQ flywheel with evolve into a true energy storage device, allowing for participation in 4-6 hour peak shifting – an application that is expected to grow into a trillion dollar market over time as renewables paired with reliable and affordable energy storage start to outcompete fossil fuel electricity generation.

The returns are favorable with a 5-year IRR > 50% and the risks for the investor are mitigated by the backing of the America’s premier aerospace company as a committed project partner.

If you are interested in good financial returns on your investment while enabling the transition to a sustainable energy supply for everyone on the planet, then please contact us at