April 2015

RNE Partners with Energyworx to Crunch the Future of Energy Data


Across the energy sector, traditional IT infrastructure cannot cope with the amount of data being generated by smart meters and the many devices and sensors that will bring about the Internet of Things. Energyworx is enabling this energy evolution by making sure the energy world can keep pace with the immense and ever growing data from the smart grid and its meters.

Energyworx brings limitless data storing, crunching, cleansing and aggregation to any energy stakeholder with data challenges or aspirations. Their pure play cloud platform requires no infrastructure, license fees or dedicated IT staff to manage the data, drastically reducing the cost and burden of managing any data application.

RNE is supporting Energyworx by helping to bring their disruptive, cloud platform to utilities and energy service companies in the US and California. Stay tuned for updates and please visit the Energyworx website for more details and be sure to subscribe to their newsletter!

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