February 2012

Real NewEnergy launches BladeRunner

As part of the ongoing strategy to develop and commercialize our small vertical axis wind turbine technology previously known as Urban Turbine, Real NewEnergy has rebranded the technology to BladeRunner.

To further firm its collaboration with Renewable Manufacturing Gateway out of Pittsburgh, PA and Concurrent Technologies Corporation of Johnstown, PA Real NewEnergy has launched a new special purpose company, Blade Runner LLC. Both RMG and CTC will become partners in the new venture.

Paul Vosbeek will be presenting the BR technology to the 6th ‘Alternative Energy NOW’ conference in Buena Vista, Florida. The 6th Annual Alternative Energy NOW Conference is hosted and sponsored by Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC). This conference is designed to provide an open forum that promotes and facilitates technical information exchange among industrial, academic, financial, and military personnel as related to proven and emerging advanced alternative energy topics. Moreover, this conference seeks to leverage participants’ knowledge of actual installations and case studies through the sharing of experiences, metrics, results, recommendations and lessons learned. more information, please visit:

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