August 2014

Real NewEnergy forms QuinteQ Inc. to Commercialize a Grid-changing Flywheel

QuinteQ_largeQuinteQ Energy Storage has been purpose formed to commercialize and bring to market a Flywheel Power Quality and Energy Storage Technology that has been developed by a leading US aerospace company. This flywheel has seen over 10 years of development with over 20 million dollars of private and government funding to research, develop, and prototype a unique, extremely low loss, flywheel energy storage system. This flywheel system exhibits idle losses less than 0.1%/hour, including energy needed in ‘self UPS’ mode. The flywheel has a round trip efficiency of greater than 94%, and an extremely robustly and intelligently engineered platform which will allow rapid improvement with technological developments.

QuinteQ anticipates that the system will be able to take advantage of improvements in the strength and handling of high tensile strength carbon materials. The ultimate rim speed is limited by the tensile strength of the rotor materials and the energy storage potential of the flywheel increases by a power of 2 with rim speed. QuinteQ’s platform allows for the incorporation of high tensile strength rotors that will lead to higher rim speeds and energy densities once these materials are commercially available.

The QuinteQ management team is in place and features over 60+ years’ of experience with energy storage, renewable energy systems, materials science and international technology transfer. Full bios can be found here.

Real NewEnergy is currently seeking $10M in A-round funding that will propel QuinteQ into the $50B/year global ancillary services market (i.e. frequency regulation) with a 100kW/10kWh flywheel. In 5 years’ time, the QuinteQ flywheel with evolve into a true energy storage device, allowing for participation in 4-6 hour peak shifting – an application that is expected to grow into a trillion dollar market over time as Sandia_Assemblyrenewables paired with reliable and affordable energy storage start to outcompete fossil fuel electricity generation.

This A-round investment will likely include both equity and project funding from the United States and Europe. If you are interested in being a part of this grid-changing venture, please contact   

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