July 2014

Real NewEnergy Brings BladeRunner Further with In-river Testing and New Funding Strategy

PAX RotorBladeRunner is RNE’s micro-hydro solution aimed at supporting the energy needs of individuals and communities in developing nations and remote regions. BladeRunner utilizes a nature-inspired rotor referred to as the PAX Rotor. The design and underlying geometry was invented by Jayden Harman and refined by the talented team at PAX Scientific.

As a serial entrepreneur and inventor, Jay has taken a hands-on approach to his lifelong fascination with natural fluid systems. In the process, he has grown successful companies that design innovative products, ranging from prize-winning watercraft, to a non-invasive technology for measuring blood glucose, to his most recent companies, PAX Scientific and its subsidiaries. The culmination of Harman’s work in natural flow has been the development of the PAX Streamlining Principle, a guideline for translating nature’s extraordinary efficiencies into industrial applications.

Real NewEnergy has been working with PAX for over a year now to apply these designs to marine hydrokinetic (MHK) and micro-hydro technologies. During the spring and summer of this year, we have made a concerted effort to bring BladeRunner a step further. From our market assessment and technology commercialization experience, it became clear that BladeRunner as opposed to larger MHK devices, was a lower technology lift, fulfilled greater pain points and has the potential to bring about the most positive social impacts for end users.

As a result, we took the following steps to move closer to a commercialized BladeRunner system.

  • The East Coast office worked with local high school students to research the materials necessary to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • PAX Scientific provided a concept rotor previously used in a 2008 flume test
  • With local support, RNE created a connection piece allowing for an in-river test in the Potomac. The results were very encouraging! Please see the summary video below:

Real NewEnergy will continue this MVP development process with the help of the Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen (polytechnic university) in the Netherlands. Expect an update later this year.

Additionally, RNE has decided to pursue multiple funding opportunities to stimulate the technology development efforts, allowing BladeRunner to reach commercial status in less time. These include scientific advancement proposals and green innovation challenges. We have also been reaching out to aid and foundation organizations for support as BladeRunner has the ability to better the lives of many impoverished communities and individuals. Please see below for a video we created to support these efforts.

Keep checking back for more updates on BladeRunner and other RNE projects. You can also follow us on Twitter or engage with us on LinkedIn. Thanks!

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