May 2014

Feasibility Study into Gradual Building Activation for the City of San Francisco

In partnership with the non-profit LISC (Local Initiative Support Corporation), Real NewEnergy was awarded a grant from the Office of Economic and Workforce Development in February 2014 to conduct a viability study into gradual building activation of underutilized city-owned properties in San Francisco. At the moment, the buildings of focus are the Old Mint, the Geneva Car Barn and the Fillmore Muni Substation. The idea is to determine whether or not to temporarily allow for different uses of these buildings and build capacity gradually. Gradual activation can be done in addition to the current use case of the building, if existing.

Through RNE’s research and outreach efforts, the current landscape of stakeholder, regulatory and seismic limitations are mapped to filter the economic, social and cultural possibilities for each building. The objective is to create real property value, remediate blight and create a place where people want to spend their time.

The study is currently underway and is planned to be completed in June of 2014.

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