December 2012

Economic Ties features Real NewEnergy & Thirteen Others for Dutch-U.S. Partnerships that Work


Economic Ties is an organization devoted to documenting the US-Dutch Partnerships that have led The Netherlands to be the #1 destination country for US Foreign Direct Investment and the 3rd largest foreign investor in the US. Below is an article published on their website here.


Paul Vosbeek is the ultimate matchmaker, but don’t look to him to find a date for Friday night. No, his vision is much bigger, and the field in which he works much greener.

The founding partner of Real NewEnergy matches smart Dutch sustainable practices to the American marketplace while launching companies and initiatives in the field of sustainability that create American jobs. “We tailor Dutch sustainable technologies and green solutions to the American market,” Vosbeek said.

Real NewEnergy identifies promising opportunities and builds customized and fertile ecosystems around it. Whether it is strategic partnerships, clients, contracts, or funding, Real NewEnergy brings together all the components necessary for a successful go-to market.

But don’t expect Real NewEnergy to bring to you a standard solar panel or windmill. “We focus on the next great solution, cutting-edge, and relevant,” Vosbeek said. “Inspired by our past successes and close collaboration with the Netherlands Embassy in Washington D.C., we set out to launch a public-private partnership focused on sustainable energy.”


Called OrangeGoesGreen, the partnership consists of Dutch and North-American companies, knowledge institutes and government partners focused on sustainability and the bio-based economy.

The partnership has four initiatives in development: clean boats and bikes in San Francisco; a marine hydrokinetic pilot in the Pacific Northwest; the Oregon Sustainability Center and South Waterfront Project in Portland; and an urban wind pilot in Oakland.

“The purpose of OrangeGoesGreen is fostering sustainable development in the Netherlands and in the US through best-practice exchange and partnerships between companies, universities and government,” Vosbeek said. “Our charter is to produce projects that are grounded in sustainability and provide a positive impact to the public and private sector communities we work for and with.”

Partners in going green

On June 28, 2012, OrangeGoesGreen was the first program to be funded under the new Partners for International Business program by AgentschapNL.

The main financial partner is the Rabobank and its subsidiary, De LageLanden. The core cluster of Dutch companies is PrivaDeernsIF TechnologyEcofysTocardoAqualiner andWageningen University Research Center.

OrangeGoesGreen is backed in the US by strategic partners like Boeing and Cisco, as well as US universities like UC DavisPortland State University and others. OrangeGoesGreen is an open platform and membership is growing along all partner categories.

If you are interested to participate or learn more about OrangeGoesGreen, email

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