April 2015

RNE Partners with Energyworx to Crunch the Future of Energy Data


Across the energy sector, traditional IT infrastructure cannot cope with the amount of data being generated by smart meters and the many devices and sensors that will bring about the Internet of Things. Energyworx is enabling this energy evolution by making sure the energy world can keep pace with the immense and ever growing data from the smart grid and its meters.

Energyworx brings limitless data storing, crunching, cleansing and aggregation to any energy stakeholder with data challenges or aspirations. Their pure play cloud platform requires no infrastructure, license fees or dedicated IT staff to manage the data, drastically reducing the cost and burden of managing any data application.

RNE is supporting Energyworx by helping to bring their disruptive, cloud platform to utilities and energy service companies in the US and California. Stay tuned for updates and please visit the Energyworx website for more details and be sure to subscribe to their newsletter!

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December 2014

BladeRunner Wins Startup Competition in the Netherlands!


Joris (left) receives his prize after successfully pitching BladeRunner

On December 9th, Real NewEnergy (RNE) Founding Partner Joris Benninga traveled to Rotterdam, the Netherlands to pitch the BladeRunner Energy technology and company vision at the 2014 Cleantech Business Day Startup Competition. Needless to say, the judges were impressed leading BladeRunner to earn top honors among the competing startups. The prestige comes with a €10,000 Voucher that will be used to fund the new BladeRunner prototype that is being developed by the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN).

It was a good week for BladeRunner as the team was also accepted into the Climate KIC Accelerator program which will provide valuable coaching, access to Climate KIC in-kind resources and up to €85k in cash funding.

As a result of the traction BladeRunner is developing in Europe, we will be establishing BladeRunner BV in the Netherlands. The team has chosen the Greenhouse Cleantech Incubator in Arnhem for the BladeRunner offices/headquarters in order to work more closely with the HAN team and to take advantage of the excellent services at Greenhouse. RNE will also opening up its new Netherlands office at the Greenhouse Incubator.

2015 should be an exciting year for BladeRunner Energy. Keep checking back for more updates and be sure to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn!

New to BladeRunner? Check out our YouTube video and dedicated webpage

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August 2014

Real NewEnergy Investigates the California Green Living Marketplace for the Alterra Research Institute

Alterra, a leading research institute within Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR), focuses on the green living environment by combining practical and scientific research in a multitude of disciplines related to the green world around us and the sustainable use of our living environment. The scientific team of nearly 400 specialists brings comprehensive expertise in the following areas:Alterra_CA_1

  • Flora and fauna
  • Sustainable soil use and nutrients
  • Water management and governance
  • Geo-information and remote sensing
  • Landscape and spatial planning
  • Man and society

RNE is tasked with applying Alterra’s deep knowledge and expertise to the Green Living marketplace in the Bay Area and California. Alterra is interested in setting up a US operation in California to increase well-funded and high-quality activities in research, education and innovation, with and for US partners. This first assignment intends to provide a quick scan of the most lucrative market segments in California that align with Alterra’s capabilities. This involves plenty of desk research along with on-the-ground connection making and strategy development – all featuring strong collaboration between Alterra and Real NewEnergy.

This is just the first step toward realizing a profitable US-based operation for Alterra. RNE intends to continue supporting Alterra with detailed business planning and the finding of first projects in the area. RNE is looking forward to supporting this new opportunity to bring expertise to the many problems facing California’s green living environment.

Keep checking back for more updates and be sure to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn!

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Real NewEnergy forms QuinteQ Inc. to Commercialize a Grid-changing Flywheel

QuinteQ_largeQuinteQ Energy Storage has been purpose formed to commercialize and bring to market a Flywheel Power Quality and Energy Storage Technology that has been developed by a leading US aerospace company. This flywheel has seen over 10 years of development with over 20 million dollars of private and government funding to research, develop, and prototype a unique, extremely low loss, flywheel energy storage system. This flywheel system exhibits idle losses less than 0.1%/hour, including energy needed in ‘self UPS’ mode. The flywheel has a round trip efficiency of greater than 94%, and an extremely robustly and intelligently engineered platform which will allow rapid improvement with technological developments.

QuinteQ anticipates that the system will be able to take advantage of improvements in the strength and handling of high tensile strength carbon materials. The ultimate rim speed is limited by the tensile strength of the rotor materials and the energy storage potential of the flywheel increases by a power of 2 with rim speed. QuinteQ’s platform allows for the incorporation of high tensile strength rotors that will lead to higher rim speeds and energy densities once these materials are commercially available.

The QuinteQ management team is in place and features over 60+ years’ of experience with energy storage, renewable energy systems, materials science and international technology transfer. Full bios can be found here.

Real NewEnergy is currently seeking $10M in A-round funding that will propel QuinteQ into the $50B/year global ancillary services market (i.e. frequency regulation) with a 100kW/10kWh flywheel. In 5 years’ time, the QuinteQ flywheel with evolve into a true energy storage device, allowing for participation in 4-6 hour peak shifting – an application that is expected to grow into a trillion dollar market over time as Sandia_Assemblyrenewables paired with reliable and affordable energy storage start to outcompete fossil fuel electricity generation.

This A-round investment will likely include both equity and project funding from the United States and Europe. If you are interested in being a part of this grid-changing venture, please contact   

More information available at



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July 2014

Real NewEnergy Brings BladeRunner Further with In-river Testing and New Funding Strategy

PAX RotorBladeRunner is RNE’s micro-hydro solution aimed at supporting the energy needs of individuals and communities in developing nations and remote regions. BladeRunner utilizes a nature-inspired rotor referred to as the PAX Rotor. The design and underlying geometry was invented by Jayden Harman and refined by the talented team at PAX Scientific.

As a serial entrepreneur and inventor, Jay has taken a hands-on approach to his lifelong fascination with natural fluid systems. In the process, he has grown successful companies that design innovative products, ranging from prize-winning watercraft, to a non-invasive technology for measuring blood glucose, to his most recent companies, PAX Scientific and its subsidiaries. The culmination of Harman’s work in natural flow has been the development of the PAX Streamlining Principle, a guideline for translating nature’s extraordinary efficiencies into industrial applications.

Real NewEnergy has been working with PAX for over a year now to apply these designs to marine hydrokinetic (MHK) and micro-hydro technologies. During the spring and summer of this year, we have made a concerted effort to bring BladeRunner a step further. From our market assessment and technology commercialization experience, it became clear that BladeRunner as opposed to larger MHK devices, was a lower technology lift, fulfilled greater pain points and has the potential to bring about the most positive social impacts for end users.

As a result, we took the following steps to move closer to a commercialized BladeRunner system.

  • The East Coast office worked with local high school students to research the materials necessary to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • PAX Scientific provided a concept rotor previously used in a 2008 flume test
  • With local support, RNE created a connection piece allowing for an in-river test in the Potomac. The results were very encouraging! Please see the summary video below:

Real NewEnergy will continue this MVP development process with the help of the Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen (polytechnic university) in the Netherlands. Expect an update later this year.

Additionally, RNE has decided to pursue multiple funding opportunities to stimulate the technology development efforts, allowing BladeRunner to reach commercial status in less time. These include scientific advancement proposals and green innovation challenges. We have also been reaching out to aid and foundation organizations for support as BladeRunner has the ability to better the lives of many impoverished communities and individuals. Please see below for a video we created to support these efforts.

Keep checking back for more updates on BladeRunner and other RNE projects. You can also follow us on Twitter or engage with us on LinkedIn. Thanks!

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May 2014

Feasibility Study into Gradual Building Activation for the City of San Francisco

In partnership with the non-profit LISC (Local Initiative Support Corporation), Real NewEnergy was awarded a grant from the Office of Economic and Workforce Development in February 2014 to conduct a viability study into gradual building activation of underutilized city-owned properties in San Francisco. At the moment, the buildings of focus are the Old Mint, the Geneva Car Barn and the Fillmore Muni Substation. The idea is to determine whether or not to temporarily allow for different uses of these buildings and build capacity gradually. Gradual activation can be done in addition to the current use case of the building, if existing.

Through RNE’s research and outreach efforts, the current landscape of stakeholder, regulatory and seismic limitations are mapped to filter the economic, social and cultural possibilities for each building. The objective is to create real property value, remediate blight and create a place where people want to spend their time.

The study is currently underway and is planned to be completed in June of 2014.

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December 2013

Real NewEnergy Strengthens Position in New Orleans

Real NewEnergy’s Sustainable Urban Development team has been actively networking and scouting projects in New Orleans for the past 8 months. After successful meetings in October and November with political consultants, leaders in economic development, real estate experts, and tours of the city’s neighborhoods and various project opportunities, we have decided to continue and expand our local efforts. We have developed the beginnings of a strategic plan to tackle the city’s diverse development challenges and have established a subsidiary company, EmPower Cities, LLC, as a financing tool for our projects and target market.

As EmPower Cities, we are currently pursuing the US Treasury’s Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Fund’s assistance and certification for our prospective projects in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward. Our application for assistance in capacity building will be submitted in late December 2013.

More news to come!

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December 2012

Economic Ties features Real NewEnergy & Thirteen Others for Dutch-U.S. Partnerships that Work


Economic Ties is an organization devoted to documenting the US-Dutch Partnerships that have led The Netherlands to be the #1 destination country for US Foreign Direct Investment and the 3rd largest foreign investor in the US. Below is an article published on their website here.


Paul Vosbeek is the ultimate matchmaker, but don’t look to him to find a date for Friday night. No, his vision is much bigger, and the field in which he works much greener.

The founding partner of Real NewEnergy matches smart Dutch sustainable practices to the American marketplace while launching companies and initiatives in the field of sustainability that create American jobs. “We tailor Dutch sustainable technologies and green solutions to the American market,” Vosbeek said.

Real NewEnergy identifies promising opportunities and builds customized and fertile ecosystems around it. Whether it is strategic partnerships, clients, contracts, or funding, Real NewEnergy brings together all the components necessary for a successful go-to market.

But don’t expect Real NewEnergy to bring to you a standard solar panel or windmill. “We focus on the next great solution, cutting-edge, and relevant,” Vosbeek said. “Inspired by our past successes and close collaboration with the Netherlands Embassy in Washington D.C., we set out to launch a public-private partnership focused on sustainable energy.”


Called OrangeGoesGreen, the partnership consists of Dutch and North-American companies, knowledge institutes and government partners focused on sustainability and the bio-based economy.

The partnership has four initiatives in development: clean boats and bikes in San Francisco; a marine hydrokinetic pilot in the Pacific Northwest; the Oregon Sustainability Center and South Waterfront Project in Portland; and an urban wind pilot in Oakland.

“The purpose of OrangeGoesGreen is fostering sustainable development in the Netherlands and in the US through best-practice exchange and partnerships between companies, universities and government,” Vosbeek said. “Our charter is to produce projects that are grounded in sustainability and provide a positive impact to the public and private sector communities we work for and with.”

Partners in going green

On June 28, 2012, OrangeGoesGreen was the first program to be funded under the new Partners for International Business program by AgentschapNL.

The main financial partner is the Rabobank and its subsidiary, De LageLanden. The core cluster of Dutch companies is PrivaDeernsIF TechnologyEcofysTocardoAqualiner andWageningen University Research Center.

OrangeGoesGreen is backed in the US by strategic partners like Boeing and Cisco, as well as US universities like UC DavisPortland State University and others. OrangeGoesGreen is an open platform and membership is growing along all partner categories.

If you are interested to participate or learn more about OrangeGoesGreen, email

Read the original article and see other profiles here

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June 2012

Real NewEnergy Signs Orange Goes Green Agreement with the Netherlands’ Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation Ministry

On June 25th, AgentschapNL, on behalf of the Netherlands Minister for Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation signed its first Partners for International Business Agreement. The agreement was signed with the “Orange goes Green Cluster”, largely developed by Real NewEnergy. OrangeGoesGreen develops new sustainability and bio based business for and with its cluster partners.

The Ministry’s new Partnership for International Business (PIB) service concept offers targeted partnership opportunities for the private sector. The Orange goes Green Cluster has developed such a partnership consisting of a multi-year program combining economic diplomacy, business development and knowledge transfer between Netherlands’ and US public, private and scientific entities.

The Orange goes Green program is built around the themes renewable energy, bio based economy, energy efficiency, energy storage, smart grid/city and electric transport. The concrete target for the cluster is securing US contracts for the participating partners and vice versa encouraging US entities to develop and roll out activities in the Netherlands.

The cluster has a geographical focus on the US and Canada, that are among the largest investors in Renewable Energy worldwide. Especially the North American West Coast is setting the pace for greening the Economy. California for example aims at covering 33% of the State’s energy needs by means of sustainable energy in 2020. During the cluster program at least 15 different projects will be developed in which often more than one cluster partner will be participating. The cluster derived revenue per partner is estimated at $500.000 to $2.5 million.

Orange goes Green is innovatively organized and financed combining the strengths of economic diplomacy and international entrepreneurship. The cluster is aiming for developing very specific contract opportunities enabling the monitoring and measurements of its success rate. When successful, the Partners in International Business approach will develop into a role model for future public private partnerships.

The Orange goes Green agreement has been signed by  Agentschap NL and a consortium of Rabobank, Deerns, Ecofys, Priva, Tocardo, IF Technology, Aqualiner and the Universiteit of Wageningen. Real NewEnergy acts as the accelerator and coordinator for the cluster. The primary partner for the Netherlands Government is the Consulate General in San Francisco.

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April 2012

Real NewEnergy opens West Coast Office

As of April 2012 Real NewEnergy has opened up a West Coast office out of San Francisco, California. The office is located within the premises of the Netherlands Consulate General on the 31st floor at 120 Kearny Street in the heart of San Francisco. The West Coast operations will focus on creating, developing and expanding sustainable energy business opportunities in the western part of the United States, British Columbia and Hawaii. The strategic positioning within the Netherlands Consulate plants Real NewEnergy in the middle of the excellent public and private sector network developed by the Consulate and enables Real NewEnergy to play an important, private sector role in the larger sustainable energy initiatives of the Consulate in San Francisco and the Netherlands Government in the United States.

Mailing Address: 85 Bosque Avenue | Fairfax | CA 94930

Visiting Address: 120 Kearny Street | Suite 3100 | San Francisco | CA 94104

View from SF Office


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February 2012

Real NewEnergy launches BladeRunner

As part of the ongoing strategy to develop and commercialize our small vertical axis wind turbine technology previously known as Urban Turbine, Real NewEnergy has rebranded the technology to BladeRunner.

To further firm its collaboration with Renewable Manufacturing Gateway out of Pittsburgh, PA and Concurrent Technologies Corporation of Johnstown, PA Real NewEnergy has launched a new special purpose company, Blade Runner LLC. Both RMG and CTC will become partners in the new venture.

Paul Vosbeek will be presenting the BR technology to the 6th ‘Alternative Energy NOW’ conference in Buena Vista, Florida. The 6th Annual Alternative Energy NOW Conference is hosted and sponsored by Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC). This conference is designed to provide an open forum that promotes and facilitates technical information exchange among industrial, academic, financial, and military personnel as related to proven and emerging advanced alternative energy topics. Moreover, this conference seeks to leverage participants’ knowledge of actual installations and case studies through the sharing of experiences, metrics, results, recommendations and lessons learned. more information, please visit:

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November 2011

Real NewEnergy one of the key contributors to the Economic Ties between the Netherlands and the US

Real NewEnergy has been selected as one of a handful of companies that are presented by Prime Minister Rutte of the Netherlands to President Obama as part of the publication Economic Ties. Prime Minister Rutte will be visiting the White House on Tuesday November 29 and the discussion will focus on the strong economic ties between the Netherlands and the USA. 

For more information, please look at:, and the Real NewEnergy profile.


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November 2011

Contract Market & Technology Research on Small Wind Turbines


Real NewEnergy has been contracted by a large US company to execute detailed market and technology research aiming for the identification of key success factors for small scale wind energy for different specified client groups.

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November 2011

Real NewEnergy’s Larger and Greener Office

In line with its ideology and principles of conservation and sustainability, Real NewEnergy has moved its offices to the Moyaone Reserve. The Moyaone Reserve is a wooded community in Accokeek, Maryland. It is designed and managed in harmony with nature and contiguous to Piscataway National Park, home of the National Colonial Farm, and to The Hard Bargain Farm, an environmental education center. Immediately across the Potomac River in Virginia is George Washington’s Mount Vernon home. For more information, see: New address: 14601 Bond’s Retreat Road, Accokeek MD 20607 phone: +1-301-283-0717.

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October 2011

Poseidon Atlantic Launch

After a year of preparations, today, Real NewEnergy offcially announced the development of Poseidon Atlantic. Poseidon Atlantic is a truly unique private sector initiative to develop a wind turbine test and certification center primarily focused on offshore wind turbines. Real NewEnerg is developing Poseidon Atlantic together with key partners Ecofys and Fugro and with the backing of the Virginia Port Authority and the Virginia Economic Development Partnership. More information can be found at

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August 2011

Contract Climate Action Plan Washington DC


Real NewEnergy is teaming up with ICLEI and AECOM to support the Disctrict’s Department of the Environment completing the national Capital’s ambitious Climate Action Plan. Our focus is on the costs and benefits of greenhouse gas mitigation efforts in the built environment and infrastructure.

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March 2011

Key Note Speaker at San Francisco Wind Round Table


Paul Vosbeek was one of the keynote speakers at an urban wind roundtable event organized by the Consulate of the Netherlands in San Francisco on March 16, 2011.  The Netherlands and California are committed to the development of sustainable energy resources and share the same drive to develop innovations that keep us on the forefront of the green economic revolution. In the area of wind energy, each has developed broad and diverse expertise.

This roundtable will provide an opportunity to share experiences in the development of urban and local wind energy and wind energy strategies in the Netherlands, and to explore possibilities for development and implementation of urban wind strategies in the Bay Area. The event has been successful in providing an opportunity to explore synergies and mutually beneficial collaborations, while strengthening the ties between the Netherlands and California.

You can find a list of participants and more background information on the event by clicking here:

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December 2010

Contract Deerns Consulting Engineers

After several months of exploratory collaboration, Real NewEnergy has been contracted by Deerns America to design and implement the development of Deerns Federal, a spectrum of activities focused on securing contracts in the Federal arena. This contract reaffirms the enabling value and role that Real NewEnergy fulfils in the successful Go-to market strategy for Deerns in the US.

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December 2010

Contract Proqares

As per January 1, 2011 Real NewEnergy has been contracted by ProQares B.V. a spin-off from the Dutch technological research institute TNO, to develop and implement an optimal Go-to market strategy for its activities in the field of CBRN test work.

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November 2010

Presentation @ Cafe Scientifique

Joris Benninga delivered a presentation titled: The Silent but Giant Global Energy Transition at the Cafe Scientifique on November 2nd.

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November 2010

Concentrated Photo Voltaic Energy partnership

Real NewEnergy signed a Letter of Intent with a technology company from The Netherlands for bringing to market a disruptive new concentrated photo voltaic (CPV) energy solution. This CPV technology can reduce kWh costs with up to 75% compared to traditional silicon PV. It is also the only CPV technology currently available offering seamless building integration without the need of large tracking systems. Real NewEnergy is aiming to develop US manufacturing, sales and installation capabilities over the next 12 months.

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October 2010

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Assignment

Real NewEnergy signed an agreement with a large US Aerospace Company and Netherlands based sustainable energy company Ecofys. The agreement is part of a larger development plan to bring Ecofys’ VAWT technology to market.



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October 2010

New Office in Maryland

Real NewEnergy moves its head office to The Rockville Innovation Center in Montgomery County, Maryland. The premises, developed and run by the Montgomery County Economic Development Board are a perfect location for Real NewEnergy. The modern office offers all the latest facilities and great connections to the District of Columbia and Northern Virginia as we are on top of the Metro line and just a few minutes from the Beltway. Apart from a perfect physical office location, The Innovation Center provides a whole spectrum of support services to help build and grow the company to the next level. On top of that, the Innovation Center hosts many other international, green and innovative companies. We are sure to feel at home here.


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September 2010

Assignment Offshore Wind Event Atlantic City

Real NewEnergy was assigned the organization of the Netherlands Offshore Wind Energy pavilion during the upcoming offshore wind conference in Atlantic City in October.



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July 2010

Exclusive Deal with Tocardo Hydro-Kinetic Solutions

Real NewEnergy and Netherlands hydro energy solution supplier Tocardo signed an agreement giving Real NewEnergy exclusive rights to develop the market for Tocardo’s products in the US and various emerging markets. We are well underway with the first projects together with local partners.


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July 2010

Co-Development Agreement Small Wind Turbine

Real NewEnergy and Ecofys reached an agreement on further developing an Ecofys owned small vertical axis wind turbine design. Aim is to get the technology to market in 12-18 months.


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May 2010

Strategic Marketing Agreement Green Data Centers

Real NewEnergy and Deerns USA signed a strategic marketing agreement. Real NewEnergy will support the rollout of Deerns’ award winning Green Data Center concepts in the US federal and commercial markets.


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March 2010

Presentation Netherlands Embassy

Joris Benninga delivered a key-note presentation on successful implementation of sustainable energy measures in the built environment during a seminar on sustainable development hosted and organized by the Royal Netherlands embassy.

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January 2010

Our First HQ on Historic Ground

Real NewEnergy opens new office in Alexandria (VA) in George Washington’s former town house.

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December 2009

Agreement for Business Support

 Real NewEnergy supports US operations of Dutch national technology research institute TNO.


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  • Real NewEnergy forms QuinteQ Inc. to Commercialize a Grid-changing Flywheel
  • Real NewEnergy Brings BladeRunner Further with In-river Testing and New Funding Strategy
  • Feasibility Study into Gradual Building Activation for the City of San Francisco
  • Real NewEnergy Strengthens Position in New Orleans
  • Economic Ties features Real NewEnergy & Thirteen Others for Dutch-U.S. Partnerships that Work
  • Real NewEnergy Signs Orange Goes Green Agreement with the Netherlands' Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation Ministry
  • Real NewEnergy opens West Coast Office
  • Real NewEnergy launches BladeRunner
  • Real NewEnergy one of the key contributors to the Economic Ties between the Netherlands and the US
  • Contract Market & Technology Research on Small Wind Turbines
  • Real NewEnergy's Larger and Greener Office
  • Poseidon Atlantic Launch