RNE’s vision and strategic intent is based on three different trends that are clearly visible in the world today:

I. The existing energy system is wasteful, unsustainable and is leading to the destruction of a large part of the Earth’s ecosystems that provide us with food, water and clean air. Unfortunately, time over time, we receive strong signals from the global scientific community that this is happening faster than previously thought.

II. The world is strongly dependent on finite, polluting energy resources with the distribution and end-use of these resources grossly skewed.  The US consumes around 20% of global energy despite amassing about 5% of the population. With enormous groups of people working hard to get to similar levels of economic wealth as in Europe and the US, classic energy supply and demand models will be facing increasing economic, environmental and geopolitical challenges.

III. The development of the necessary components for a more sustainable energy supply has been impressive over the last 30 years. Thanks to incredible efforts by scientists, governments and private sector companies, we now have cost effective technologies for renewable energy, smarter grids and more workable energy storage systems. We have also gained a lot of experience in working and non-working regulation, incentives, financing and execution. There is no doubt that clean energy based on non-carbon renewable sources can take over our energy system sooner rather than later.