Darin Olson
Materials Scientist & Engineer

DarinDarin Olson is at current an independent consultant contracted to RNE to assist in technical due diligence studies. Darin has a PhD in Materials Science and specializes in bringing laboratory-stage products to commercial scale.

As a CTO, Development, Research Scientist, and Engineer with 20 years of high technology experience, Darin has developed unique nanotube electronic devices and processes, 5 semiconductor production tools, and has been awarded 5 patents. He has produced as an individual contributor and as a team leader. Darin is a technologist with both research and practical industrial experience in electronic components, semiconductor equipment, and process development, including deposition, wafer fabrication, packaging, and device physics.

Darin is excellent at explaining difficult technical concepts in non-technical terms, able to present to the customers, investors, VC’s, and boards, with sales, marketing, research, and manufacturing.