Real NewEnergy powers the global energy and sustainability transition by putting to work new knowledge, communication, technology, perseverance and capital.

Guiding Principles

Triple Bottom Line

Real NewEnergy strives to realize real solutions that result in a positive change for our clients and stakeholders. We are convinced that living and operating sustainably is often a very sound business proposition as well. As a real triple bottom line company, we strive to combine a reasonable return on our own (human) capital and investments, while maximizing our clients and stakeholders upside in terms economic, social and environmental benefits. 

Construct Creatively, Create Constructively

Real NewEnergy believes that small successes lead to bigger ones. Therefore we often start small and build on that track record to build our clients confidence to take on bigger projects. There are often no silver bullets for the problems we take on. We always look at challenges from a fresh and creative perspective. To balance risk and innovation we combine proven and innovative building blocks, technologies, processes, and financial constructions. Our clients can always expect new views when engaging us, while still feeling comfortable relating to their (kn)own situation and needs.


Real NewEnergy believes that partnerships are important in realizing the energy and sustainability transition. Society is complex and changing complex systems requires empowering and deploying the best possible resources for the cause. By forging partnerships and coalitions, stakeholders can be aligned and the best possible knowledge, maximized financial power and strongest change agents can be put to work.

Empower Future Generations

Last but not least, we believe that to reach our goals, it is important to empower each individual in our team with a specific focus on younger team members. Younger people generally have less experience, but their energy, and engagement are the true powers that can change the global way we live on this planet.

Real NewEnergy