About Real NewEnergy

Real NewEnergy (RNE) is an integrated sustainable energy company with offices in the US and in the Netherlands.  Right from our incorporation in February 2010 we have been offering 3 forms of energy solutions:


  1. Renewable Energy Project Development
  2. Sustainable Energy & Climate Consulting
  3. Sustainable and Renewable Energy Technology


Projects Consulting Technology

Although each of these divisions applies specific business models to succeed, there is a strong synergy between the 3 activities from an organizational, technical and commercial point of view.

In the emerging sustainable energy industry, combining these three activities creates a very dedicated one-stop shop for green energy solutions from idea generation to implementation.  Our track record over the past few years shows that this model works very well and our customers and partners benefit tremendously from this integrated experience.

Our primary market focus is the USA, but RNE is also engaged in multiple international opportunities in Europe and emerging markets.

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